About Miss.Matched

I'm a late-20-something Texas gal who signed up for Match.com after having a couple of beers and enough of the "so when are you settling down" remarks from little blue-haired ladies at my younger sisters' weddings. Throw in a long, past 4-year-relationship-turned-bad-breakup, and after a year and a half of being on my own, I'm ready to finally tackle the dating world in full force once again. Or that's just what I'm telling myself.

This is a chronicle of my online dating adventure(s) from sign up to {settle down?}. I'll document the good (first dates), the bad (second dates) and the OMG, what was I thinking? Hilarity promised!
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*All thoughts/opinions/commentary are my own and in no way are associated with the online dating site Match.com*

*I will keep all anonymity for the safety of myself and my dates.*

*Why the number 23? All in good time... (And no, it's not my age).*

Thank you for visiting! Let the online dating adventures begin...
-- Miss Matched